Pilgrim Church History

     Prior to 1960—Pilgrim Church met under the leadership of Robert and Evelyn Washington. After the Washington's moved on, Pilgrim was entrusted to the leadership of Reverend Amos B. Taylor.

     In 1960—members gathered together for worship in a small house on Plymouth Avenue, Rochester, NY. They would get together to worship, quartet sing, praising the Lord. Members such as Mother Chisholm (the great-great grandmother of current Betty Rivers), Aunt Louise, Sally Sanders (mother of Sister Burke), Della, who was head of the Usher's Board, worked hard to keep the church going. Pilgrim's current, long-standing member, Sister Virginia Lowborn, also worked in all areas of the church: (Hospitality, Usher Board, Kitchen, Choir and anything to build-up the house of God.) Others who worked alongside her were Dorothy Reese, Zola, George, Linda and Mary Scott. Current members Ralph and Lucy Burke, Lorin& Scott, Bro Frank Jones and many more Saints of God were cornerstones. There were many more who worked hand and hand with Reverend and Gloria Taylor to hold the church together, moving it towards becoming an established, religious organization.

     March 22nd, 1970—at 1:30 in the afternoon, a meeting of the members of the Pilgrim Church of God was held to determine whether the church should become incorporated. Reverend Amos B. Taylor was the Presiding Officer. Gloria C. Taylor, Ralph Burke, Lucy Burke, George Dukes, Mary Ether Scott and Dorothy Ponder were present and voted to establish the, church as an organization.


     The original trustees were Amos B. Taylor—(Ex-officio), Ralph Burke, Mazzela Lee and George Dukes. The word Pentecostal was added to the name of the church. Pentecostal Pilgrim Church of God was organized on March 23, 1970, by the signatures of Rev. Amos B. Taylor, Gloria Taylor and Ralph Burke.

      Approximately 1973—Pentecostal Pilgrim Church acquired property at 63 Bronson Avenue on Rochester's Southwest side. , The church moved its religious services to a small building on one plot of land at that address.

     In 1976—there was a land acquisition of 61-62 Bronson Avenue (now Samuel McCree Way. A major building expansion and renovation project took place. The hard working members of Pilgrim put in sweat-equity, laboring in love. This project produced a 400 seat sanctuary with pulpit, fellowship and dining halls and a kitchen.

     In 1982—Reverend Michael O'Mealy joined Pentecostal Pilgrim Church. After several years of dedicated service to the leadership and members of the "Body" He was elevated to Assistant Pastor in 1990.

     From 1982-1990—Reverend Michael O'Mealy was in the process of preparation for the high call of God to the Pastoral leadership of the Pentecostal Pilgrim Church. He was once again elevated. Reverend O'Mealy became Pastor in April 2004.

     2004-Present—Reverend Michael O'Mealy, along with his wife, Evangelist Monica O'Mealy, faithfully serves the members of the Pentecostal Pilgrim Church of God. After 52 years, some have gone-on home to be with the Lord. Some have moved on. Some remain. But, this pilgrimage continues. It was faith that brought us thus far and faith will lead us home.