Pentecostal Pilgrim Church of God

Vision Statement


          By 2021, The Pentecostal Pilgrim Church Of God, will realize the following vision:  An atmosphere of righteousness, peace, joy, freedom and brotherly love.

God’s people experience the presence and glory of God. Spiritual strongholds are destroyed and unlawful bonds are broken.

            Souls are saved and lives are completely transformed by the Miracle-working power of the Holy Ghost. The Saints of God serve, learn and grow together in God’s grace, producing good spiritual fruit.

            The five fold Ministry is in full operation, as Pentecostal Pilgrim Church preaches and teaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ, across national and international borders.

            Moreover, evangelistic and mission exploits are carried out through Christ-centered relationships and television and radio outreach ministries.

God’s favor rest upon the ministry, as we advance the Kingdom under the full power and authority of the Holy Ghost.